Takeaways from the EDUdays

I’ve just come back from the EDUdays 2017 in Krems (Austria), where I got to spend 2 days gaining ideas and inspiration on how to positively transform my own teaching and that of those in my sphere of influence. Needless to say, my head and heart are full now that I’ve come home. Educational conferences…

21st century English Teaching: Embracing the Digital Age in your Classroom

At the 10th annual English Teachers‘ Day at the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna, Austria on 30 November 2016, several hundred educators gathered to further their professional development and deepen their knowledge on how to use different methods, strategies and activities in their teaching practice. I had the pleasure of holding a workshop on the use of digital tools in English language teaching and got to interact with veteran teachers from many different schools. What would this trip outside my personal „bubble“ reveal?