Flipped Learning


What is it?

So much has already been written and said about flipped learning and the flipped classroom model that there is nothing new or original that I can say about the subject without repeating things explained elsewhere. If you don’t believe me, a simple Google search will surely convince you. Here is a video that explains how it works:

It’s such a simple yet powerful concept. In the traditional classroom, teachers explain and students do homework at home, where they may have not understood what was said, and where they have no chance to ask questions.

In a flipped classroom, students look at video and written material and prepare BEFORE the lesson and the teacher has time to practice with the students and answer questions in the classroom.

This results in more time in the classroom for student-student and teacher-student interaction. Also it ensures that everyone does work on their own and that no other teenagers (or parents) do work for the students.

The reason I flip is to maximize on teacher-student interaction during classroom time and to give me kids motivating content to review at home. The reactions have been positive so far, cementing my resolve to continue.

Further reading


Wikipedia-Eintrag Umgedrehter Unterricht

Umgedrehter Unterricht Netzwerk (deutsch) 

Inverted Classroom Modell (deutsch) e-teaching.org

Further infos and links in German: flipclass.eu und edugroup.at


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