About me

I am a Native English speaker, born and bred in Trinidad and Tobago. I currently teach English, embedded within other subjects such as Music and Biology (CLIL), as well as Computer Science and Digital Literacy at Lower Secondary Level at 2 Middle Schools in Vienna, Austria. In my role as coordinator for eLearning at my school I’ve specialised in Mobile Learning, Flipped Learning as well as Game-Based-Learning, where I focus on developing communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking with learners in personalised learning scenarios.

As an educational technologist, I conduct seminars and workshops in teaching training sessions on topics such as Mobile Learning, Blended Learning or Developing Digital Competence. I also collaborate in projects with like-minded educators in various parts of Europe, such as eTwinning, the Teacher Academy on School Education Gateway or designing and moderating MOOCs on intercultural learning. I’ve worked with the Interactive Classroom Working Group on topic of personalised learning with a special focus on creativity.

Since September 2016 I’ve been part of the team of „Ö1 macht Schule”, creating eLearning content to complement radio broadcasts and teaching materials for upper secondary schools at the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna, Austria.

Proud to be a founding member of the @bildungspunks – a vibrant and active community of educators in German-speaking countries on twitter. More info: http://www.bildungspunks.de.

Follow me on twitter @aliciabankhofer

Favourite hashtags #EduPnx #ADE2017 #AppleTeacher #Sketchnotes



Apple Distinguished Educator – Class of 2017. Learn more about the Apple Distinguished Educator program here.



Apple Teacher for Mac and iPad. Learn more about Apple Teacher here.


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