Twitterchat: Tools and Strategies for the Culturally Diverse Classroom

What a whirlwind start to the teaching year! September has been a month of many firsts for me. My first solo Webinar in German, my first blogpost for the Connected Kids blog and now my first solo twitter chat, organised as part of the eLearning course on the School Education Gateway Teacher academy. And that in addition to the actual teaching I am doing :).

I’m posting the questions here for those joining the chat tonight September 28 at 6h30 CET.

18:30 Welcome to our Twitterchat! Our topic: Tools and strategies for the culturally diverse classroom #DiversityMOOCs

18:31 We will be using the format Q1-Q9/A1-A9 for all questions and answers. In all your tweets please use the twitter hashtag #DiversityMOOCs

18:32 Your moderator today is Alicia Bankhofer, Teacher of English and ICT, Middle School Vienna, Austria #flipclass #elearning #DiversityMOOCs

18:32 In the beginning each should introduce him/herself. Country? Subject? Type of school, learners? #DiversityMOOCs

18:33 You will find all the questions in our blog post (include link) #DiversityMOOCs

18:34 Get ready for the 1st question for our chat today on Tools and strategies to foster cultural diversity in the classroom. #DiversityMOOCs

18:35 Q1 In your view how important is developing intercultural competence for learners of all ages in Europe? #DiversityMOOCs

18:40 Q2 What is your experience in nurturing intercultural competence in your learners? What works well? #DiversityMOOCs #bestpractice

18:45 Q3 Can you give an example of an everyday teaching practice that you have tried or want to try? Links welcome! #DiversityMOOCs

18:50 Q4 What is your favourite digital tool for teaching cultural diversity? Links/Ideas welcome! #DiversityMOOCs

19:00 Q5 What digital or analog games or quizzes can be used to build a sense of class community? #DiversityMOOCs

19:05 Q6 How can you use videos on youtube or other platforms to cultivate intercultural awareness? Examples welcome! #DiversityMOOCs

19:15 Q7 How can interactive lessons using social media help foster intercultural competence? Links welcome! #DiversityMOOCs

19:20 Q8 What strategies do you have to deal with conflict in the culturally diverse classroom? Activities? Methods? #DiversityMOOCs

19:25 Q9 Time is almost up. Any closing comments/questions on the topic of fostering intercultural competence in the classroom? #DiversityMOOCs

19:30 Thanks for participating in our chat on the topic of tools and strategies to foster cultural diversity in the classroom #DiversityMOOCs

If you are just getting started on twitter, please have a look at my videos:

Getting started on twitter:
Setting up a twitter profile:

You can use many apps for twitter, Tweetdeck is my absolute favourite. Here is some info on how to get started:

Below are some interesting links that help us understand that culture is constantly changing and evolving. Things that were once known in one place becomes an important part of another culture! Happy reading and Tweeting!

Further reading:


4 Kommentare Gib deinen ab

  1. Antonino sagt:

    I guess is very important to help people who come from abroad to meet western culture.Not to cancel thei r cultural backgrond but asking them to enrich ours.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Antonino sagt:

    I started on understanding where they come.Learnin something asbout their own countries.You shold know tha place where they come , it is the first step to make the first step to share your thoughts in respect of thei identity.

    Gefällt mir

  3. Antonino sagt:

    On the other hand it is quite difficult to make yourself to be understand: You gotta try.Never use the distructive meet with a sort of studip smiling, which doesn’t work,You gitta understand that what it is simple in on way to do (abiyual way) it is difficult to be understud by the other.So try to use your rational mind as an approch to find the right way to act .Aftter buided up a sort of rational relation you might be able to create a small bridge of feeling closer.

    Gefällt mir

  4. Antonino sagt:

    technology can hel people to get closer with the same aim.Creating a group-class whre they have to make a work with researchin of somethin:g like a scientific lesson o plan.

    Gefällt mir

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