Touched by TED: this teacher’s personal list

A teacher friend said to me last week: „I decided to become a teacher after seeing Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk.“ How wonderful and funny to meet people who feel the same way!

A few years ago I was almost literally pulled into the teaching profession by what I was seeing and experiencing around me, both positive and negative. In hindsight it feels as if everything in my life had led up to that moment, when I decided to risk a step-change and go into teaching. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities to be creative every day, I was inspired by a series of TED talks, among other things. Meeting educators today in Austria and Germany, I’m fascinated and pleased to learn that I am not the only one. Here, in no particular order, is my list of personal faves.

The first whiteboard animation I had ever seen and profound and pertinent thoughts on what needs to be changed in education.

I love Geoffrey Canada’s plain talk on his efforts to improve education in his sphere of influence.

Electrifying talk by Christoper Emdin on creating magic in the classroom.

This talk by Sugata Mitra is inspiring to no end. Taught me to see students‘ potential radically differently.

This video by Salman Khan introduced me to the topic of flipped classroom. Hard to imagine that it’s been only 4 years!

Ever since viewing Simon Sinek’s Start with Why talk I’ve held this mantra close to my personal and professional life.

Strictly speaking this is not a TED talk but it falls into the same category of inspiration goodness. Dan Pink’s work on motivation is one for the ages.

TED is doing important work in making the work of these movers, shakers, thinkers, artists, and all-round experts available to a worldwide audience. Amazing to think that millions of people can be touched by the words of someone else, spoken thousands of kilometres away.

P.S. The fact that I have no female speakers on my list has no particular significance and simply means that I haven’t found any yet.

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